My priority areas as trustee are:
#1: Accountability & Accessibility
#2: Mission-Focused
#3: Excellence
Let me tell you a bit about what these really mean.

The more I learn about the San Diego Unified School District, the more I am convinced that we can do better.  Doing better isn't just about graduation rates.  It's about the quality of a student's education and if they are able to use their education to make the most of opportunities for success. 


A quality education requires a thoughtful and intentional approach that moves beyond immediate results. It requires making hard decisions that not everyone agrees with, commitment when things get hard, and persistence to see it through. As board trustee, my promise to  students, parents, and the community is that I will do what's best for the students, first.  Always.

But, what am I going to do about it?

In my work with nonprofit organizations, I first ask, “what is the mission?”.  So, naturally, I looked at the mission of San Diego Unified School District.  It's as follows:

“All San Diego students will graduate with the skills, motivation, curiosity, and resilience to succeed in their choice of college and career in order to lead and participate in the society of tomorrow.”

This sounds inspiring, right?  But, based on the how many students are failing to meet math and English grade-level standards, not all students are prepared to “lead and participate in the society of tomorrow”. 

Something has to change.

Did you know that district-wide, 53% of students are failing to meet math grade-level standards and 44% are failing to meet English grade-level standards? (

Accountability & Accessibility

It starts at the top

As a board trustee, I am accountable to students, parents, families, and the community.  And, parent voices must be heard and included in their child's education.  It has to be more than participating in a "Think Tank". It has to be real, two-way engagement.

Accountability means being accessible.

If you have a problem with something at your child’s school, and your concerns are not addressed at the school site level, you move on to the District office.  If they aren’t addressed there, you move on to the Board of Trustees meeting, held once a month.  If you happen to have childcare (because the meeting is in the evening), and you manage to make it through the meeting itself (they last anywhere from two to three hours), you are given 1 minute for public comment to make your issue known to the board.  But, because of the Brown Act, the board cannot respond to you during the meeting and there is no guarantee that your issue will be followed up on. 

Read about the recent legislation in California prioritizing parent engagement in learning:


Something has to change

As a board trustee, I want to not only be accountable, but accessible.  I am committed to holding regularly scheduled meetings in District A open for anyone to attend, to learn about the issues that parents and families are facing and listen to your ideas and solutions. I believe that accountability is more than just informing: it’s about two-way engagement. I’ve seen here in Clairemont that when communities support education, communities thrive.  Together we are stronger.


Smarter spending

Accountability also includes every taxpayer whose hard-earned money goes to support the work of San Diego Unified School District. Yet, resources are wasted because of a lack of strategy for sustainability. 


With an operating budget of $880 million, 90% of it goes to pay salaries and benefits leaving less than 10% to pay for everything else including campus upkeep and safety, technology upgrades and repairs, as well as the necessary tools students need to learn like books, software, and supplies such as beakers for chemistry class. 



When resources aren’t used wisely, students and teachers pay the price.  Literally.  I have seen over and over again, teachers paying for supplies out of their own pockets or asking parents to donate basic items such as paper towels, Clorox wipes, and paper to the classroom.

We need sustainability and strategy

It seems that every year, the district is faced with a deficit despite the fact that in 2019/2020 we had record funding.  And, each year the district passes a "balanced" budget.  It just doesn't add up.  Literally.  With a year-to-year approach to planning and resources allocation, we will continue to find ourselves in the same situation.  Strategy and sustainability requires prioritizing resources that focus on the mission:  Educating students.    

Something has to change.

As board trustee, my job is to ensure that resources are available and used to fulfill the mission, which is preparing students for the society of tomorrow.  As board trustee, I will work to make sure resources are used efficiently and strategically in ways that actually support educating our kids by working with teachers and principals to keep the programs in place that work and fund them appropriately.  


Partnering with communities

San Diego is known for innovation and excellence in healthcare, telecommunications, biotechnology, and academia.  UCSD, ranked 6th in the nation for public schools and #1 for women in STEM, is right in our own backyard.  Yet, San Diego Unified does not reflect this excellence.  Industry is clamoring for qualified, skilled workers, but with nearly half of SD Unified students failing basic subjects like math and English, how will these jobs be filled?  

San Diego is also home to many nonprofit and community agencies that are experts in their own fields.   We need to partner with healthcare, social services, education, and community-based groups who can fill the gaps for our students where funding may be limited.   And, we as a district need to reach out to the philanthropic community to fund specific programs that support student learning.

Something has to change.

As board trustee, I want to tap into the expertise  of our region and the philanthropic community to work together to address the complex issues that prevent ALL students from being prepared for a society of tomorrow.  I want San Diego Unified to be a national model that others can learn from.  But, this is only possible through partnerships with industry, academia, philanthropy, and the community.

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